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I almost added "Protests can be lodged with the lake" to the announcement.
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Tommy Jones woke up this afternoon while Kylun was down here reading to him. You can all guess how well that sat with the young man.

He's in no shape to be leaving the medlab any time soon, obviously, but he is awake. Which means among other things, that he probably no longer strictly needs a twenty-four hour watch, as he can hit an emergency call button again.

We're going to have to talk about what this means, both as far as scheduling goes and, well, all the rest of it. I'm going to let the staff know, too.
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I will trust the students with access to this list to be discreet... I admit to being guilty of a small fib, in my more general post. There is, at this time, no guarantee that the boy will survive, although we're doing our best, but I felt it wise to avoid the inevitable outpouring of student hysterics, righteous fury, indignation, and so on, as much as possible.

Fellow doctors, we need to draw up a timetable so that at least one of us is with him, and reasonably awake, at all times. Ordinary medlab shifts may not be enough. Baby duty must also be taken into account, so we'll need to get together to work something out.

Should any of the medlab helpers be reading this... it would be very, VERY helpful if someone brought down some breakfast. And coffee. Lots of coffee.


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